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America, August 16, 2004

Getting Gold in the ABA Olympics

I didn't even break a sweat

hot, eh?
I'm ready!
Go Jessica!
Jessica & Crew
My Crew
I've only been at CEELI a week now, just long enough to be on the website, and already my trash-talking is getting me in trouble. Not bad trouble, but I had to work to hard keep my cool.

See, once I wandered down to the massive gym in our basement, I started chatting with the folks there, bragging about my triathlon training, and they shut me up with an ABA Olympics of sorts. First off, there was a one mile run speed test, which I did in a respectable seven minutes.

That got the attention of the numerous other runners here who took up my challenge and tried to max out the treadmill we were tested on. One matched my trash-talking ways, Jessica in the International Law Section of the ABA, and she even dared to race me in a run off.

Not one to shrink from a challenge, especially given by such an attractive challenger, I took her up and we set a time and place for the run. Apparently, she started to get scared and called in backup; the rest of her office. They were to support her and heckle me during our race.

I called in my own heavies, the rest of CEELI Finance, and on the appointed day, down in the gym, the race was on. Starting at the max treadmill pace, a grueling 6:30 pace, we both sprinted for a mile, sweat dripping and friend cheering all the way.

Just six minutes and 39 seconds later, with both treadmills maxed out for the entire mile; we finished at a dead tie. Shaking hands, we both came out winners in this first contest. Well, by the clock anyway, as I definitely had a much easier six minutes than her huffing and puffing revealed.

Next up there was the bike test, where we had to do a five-mile bike sprint on ancient stationary bikes. This time, there was no competition, as I breezed through the electronic course in 4:23, leaving my challengers behind by at least a minute.

With my dominance of the run and the bike, both my key strengths in a triathlon, the gym management stopped the Olympics and gave me the Gold, knowing that I am the fleetest foot in the building.

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OOOOh-AAAh! Very impressive feat to earn the Gold. Way to go, Wayan!

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