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America, February 21, 2009

Calming Grant Circle Car Crashes

A weekend occourance that needs to change

grant circle
Grant Circle from space
As drivers speed along New Hampshire Avenue in Petworth, they come to Grant Circle - which is often a surprise by the number of cars that crash through the park. Almost on a weekly basis, each weekend morning shows us that driving fast at night through our neighbourhood will get you a parking space in Grant Circle.

I wonder: what can we do to slow drivers down, to stop the madness before we loose more than a fire hydrant or a tree:

Personally, I think there should be speed humps (not bumps) about a block out on both the north and southbound approaches to the Circle to slow cars down so they can make the right. Yet, I've heard that DDOT is set against such change to traffic flow.

What llevel of crash does it take to change DDOT's mind?

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Word around petworth is that its Taxie dog leave all the dog poop on the ground...

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