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America, May 15, 2009

Dog Taxi Tackles Rock Creek Ripples

Splashing herself through the summer heat

splash city
Taxi trying to swallow Rock Creek
Dog Taxi loves herself some splashing water. And I am not talking about watching it from afar, or barking at it passively. No I mean she dives headlong into any breaking water to try and eat all the waves produced, by say, the ocean.

While we first noticed her craze at Dog Beach in Maryland, I've found that Dog Taxi will try the same water guzzling feat in Rock Creek:

Yes, that's her diving into the rushing river, trying to bite every splash and ripple in the surface. She'll jump into almost any sized river turn trying to get at the foam. And if she gets off the leash, she'll attack, attack, and attack the water till she's too full to walk.

So yeah, while its fun to watch for a minute, I have to stop her quick less she gets a tummy ache and pukes up a stream or two herself.

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Dog Taxi will have water fun with her new floating frisbee.

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