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America, April 1, 2009

Hanalei Speaks Her First Words!

Listen closely to her speaking at 3 months

hanalei not happy with photos
Another video of me dad?!
Its with great joy and surprise that I'm proud to announce that Hanalei Stockard Vota is now talking. Yes, she is speaking at 3 months old - a record for any of our families. While she's not quite saying whole sentences, if you listen to her on this video, you can tell she's making sense.

As her father, I'm so proud that she's talking, its kinda hard for me to admit that I don't always agree with what she says. Her stance on the impact of Obama's stimulus package on domestic consumption, or North Korea's missile program on six-nation talks are controversial to say the least, but at least we do agree on milky-milk preference: boob beats bottle every time.

So on this first day of April, join me in a good laugh to all those that Hanalei fooled.

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Great break from the job hunt.. Such a cute girl, she says so much with her eyes, aww and that cute yawn.. :)You two are lucky parents! Happy 1st of April! Btw: now that you're bald, I feel some wooden beads around your neck would totally make you look like you're a Hare Krishna follower. :)

Loves to talk, even if she doesn't always have all that much to say... Thin up top, but long on charm with a winning smile... Operates on the assumption that she'll always be able to find some boob willing to offer the resources she needs to live the life of Riley...

Fair to say that she takes after dad?

what a talker, the apple does fall far (-:

I thought it was an April fools joke - the buzz cut - so I checked out your video & its true you shaved your head. I did notice last time I saw you that your hair was kinda wavey, it was waving goodby.

From one bald guy to another, it is so much easier. One less thing to fuss over.

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