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America, June 28, 2009

Minding the Future in Myrtle Beach

Loving the day-life
Enjoying the night-life
For six months, Amy and I have not left Hanalei's side. For six months, we have traded off parenting roles, day and night. For six months, we showed our love though our presence. Yet this weekend, we have tossed all that aside.

For two blissful days, amy And I have abandoned our child. We're in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a wedding, while Hanalei is back in Washington, DC. Yet do not fear for her, do not fret that she is truly left hone alone. She's being watched closely and safely by Amy's parents.

For Hanalei's parents, this is a wonderful weekend to recharge. To sleep in late, drink heavily, and generally relax after six months of non-stop child-care. And its with that mindset that Amy and I look out on Myrtle Beach with joy and sadness.

Joy for we are free and young again. We can go our separate ways without worry of who is where. Amy can booze up and caffeinate for the first time in 15 months (pregnancy + 6 months). I can enjoy my wife without the fear of the wail of need.

But sadness, for we see children all around us and miss our own. Children that remind us we shall be childless one day too. Our own brood will grow up quickly and leave us (so we hope!), just as many of the children on the beach are doing in small ways each day. From toddlers attempting the beach break to teenagers wandering out of parental eye, children are growing up in front of our eyes.

And when we return to DC, and embrace our daughter again, she will be a fe days older. A few ounces heavier, and a few million synapses smarter. She will still be our child, but we have see the future when she will not. She'll be her own self soon.

Yet, maybe not right now. Amy is checking in with Mom and Hanalei just pooped!

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Glad your Myrtle Beach vacation renewed your love and passion for each other. Hanalei also had a fun time getting lots of love and attention from her grandparents. Plan another "couples" get-away soon...good for the family.

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