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America, February 8, 2009

Poop Patrol in Pethworth

Taxi Dog and I are scooping others' poop

grant circle
Grant Circle from space
petworth dog poop
Poop patrol results
Grant Circle is one of the reasons that I moved to Petworth. Its a beautiful park that calms me after a long day at work. That is until I walk Dog Taxi in Grant Circle and we both have to navigate the dog poop minefield.

It seems that some of my pet-owning neighbours are not so good about scooping their pet's poop and frozen dog feces build up quick in the winter. Mad at yet another pile of poo, I decided to measure the laziness of my neighbours, and bagged and weighed the canine excrement:

Now how'd you like that? Thirteen (13) pounds of poop in Grant Circle. Petowrthians - scoop your poop!

Mid-March Update

My poop patrol video had an impact! After 300+ views by Petworth residents, I heard my video was mentioned at community meetings and in local government circles. The result: Scoop Your Poop signs in Grant Circle! Now let's see if they're effective.

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Hahhaah great post! I do my fair share of poop pick up with my own dogs, but I never ventured out to pick up after others. Kudos to you! 13 Pounds is a lot of poop!

Good thing it's winter and the poo is frozen.
Will you keep doing this in the summer?


No, my poop patrol days are numbered by the thermometer. Once the mornings aren't cool enough to render poop dry to the touch, I'm done with scooping others dog waste.

Then its on to being the neighbourhood grouch who yells at folks for letting their dogs poop without a scoop in the first place.

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