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America, May 7, 2009

From Majesty to Mulch in Minutes

The loss of an elder statesman in Petworth

death by chainsaw
The loss of an ancient
I bemoan the loss of any tree, no matter its age or placement. I feel that Washington does not have enough trees, which cool the city, absorb its rains, and make this a wonderful place to live. Yet life is tough for the urban forest, what with all the dangers like vehicular tree slaughter.

So when I see an old oak or elm, which stands proud and tall amongst the built environment, I am heartened. Yet when they fall, be by nature or by man, I am so very sad. And when they are cut down by the chain saw, I am beside myself with heartbreak:

The loss of this old oak, just off Grant Circle in Petworth, haunts me to this day. I'm going to miss this ancient resident who lived on this block longer than any of us could ever imagine.

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