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America, June 21, 2009

Running Past My First Father's Day

Best Use of A Bike Lane
Today is the first of what I hope to be many happy Father's Days. And even though she is too young to tell me what she'd do for this special day, I knew what would make both of us happy: a long run through Petworth.

No, Hanalei isn't running yet - she gets the easy ride in a baby jogger. Better yet, in the car seat, in the baby jogger, protected and after the first few blocks, asleep. Then its up to daddy to keep the speed, so she can have a cool breeze while she sleeps.

Daddy got his own reward, for as he ran around the neighbourhood, everyone called out "Happy Father's Day" for which he responded "Thanks, its my first!" to hearty congratulations. I so love that my neighbourhood is so friendly.

It also has long straight roads with little traffic, allowing me to run my 7 miles without turning the stroller too often, or worrying about cars. Best of all, a few streets even have bike lanes, for which I usurp for Hanalei and I.

Soon, I hope she'll be big enough to face forward in the jogger as I run, enjoying the view and talking with daddy.

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Excellent exercise for daddy and daughter...keep it going!

well done. when you're totally bored AND have time AND have good email access... check out my back posts on parenthood.

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